Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Egg Omelet

3 Egg Omelet


3 eggs
2-3 Tbsp Milk (can substitute soy milk)
pinch pepper
Various fillings


1. Place saute pan over medium heat with just enough oil to coat bottom and sides. (A non-stick pan works best!)
2. Beat together eggs, milk, and pepper in small bowl until well blended and slightly frothy.
3. Add mixture to warmed pan and swirl to coat sides of pan.
4. Allow to cook until the egg whites become noticeable and slightly lumpy. Swirl pan again to recoat sides of pan. Add fixings to only one side of omelet in pan. Tip: use the opposite side from the one where omelet is most noticeably coming away from pan side.
5. allow to continue cooking until omelet has become set. Then taking a fork slide it under edges on empty side of omelet to make sure it is free of the pan. Using fingers or a spatula fold empty side over side with fillings. Be very careful because omelet is delicate and breaks easily.
6. allow to finish cooking another minute or so. Then plate the omelet by either sliding onto a plate from pan or placing plate over pan and inverting onto plate.
Note: You can use any filling you want in an omelet. For toppings any garnish will work or you can use a sauce (Hollandaise is a traditional favorite.) I often top with Salsa for a Southwestern flair!

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